Company, Origins & Organization

“All-Hazard defense”, per US Government requirements, describes the need for resilience, redundancy and mitigation with accelerated recovery across all threat scenarios.

All Hazards Science and Innovation is a U.S. company that was created to meet this need, providing a range of services from consultation to products to complete implementation for its clients.

AHSI has unparalleled expertise and technology, and the mandate to move its knowledge and proposition into the commercial market in order to drive broader adoption of threat mitigation measures.

AHSI works with a broad range of clients and leading industrial partners to deliver Best-In-Class solutions.


  • AHSI provides EMP hardened equipment with autonomous communications capability, data processing capability and EMP hardened generators for power and C3I for any “black start“ event, whether from man-made or other disaster.
  • AHSI has the only IEMI and EMP concrete solution that has met the MIL-STD for full all hazard concrete construction solution. This new capability meets critical infrastructure SCADA and other critical operational nodes required for an “all hazards defense.”

ASHI is led by an experienced multi-disciplinary management team, with long-established credentials and capabilities across national security, energy, power generation, pipelines, infrastructure, data, finance and strategy.

AHSI has extensive R&D capabilities and a strong team of experienced engineers, technologists and implementation partners.