ALL HAZARD SCIENCE AND INNOVATIONS evolved to identify the flaws in the deficiencies in critical infrastructure protection programs that proved vulnerable to the blended threats.

Our Tasking:

Use science and innovation to engineer best-in-class solutions that meet or exceed the MIL-STDs.

Our Mission:

Facilitate the national security objective to protect and defend against, respond to and recover from all hazards to the critical infrastructure of the United States and that of our allies.

The Evolving Threat Environment

AHSI Core Services & Offerings

AHSI is a private sector proposition that leverages government experts and engineers with decades of experience to counter the most dangerous threats through an offering that includes design, engineering, product, testing/QC and integrated implementations solutions that meet the DoD MIL-STDs.

Consultation, Design, Engineering and Construction Management:

EMP-hardened “All hazard Total Protected Facilities” © AHSI 2019.

Hardened EMP Mitigation Products & Systems:

Autonomous Power, Comms and I.T. Data transportable modules, Storage facilities, vehicle garage, hardened pumps, motors, switch gear, UPS, ATS.

EMP Testing QA/QC:

EMP Shielding Effectiveness Testing, Pulse-Current Injection (PCI), Single Frequency Validation (SFV), Appendix D (Threat Level Illumination Testing), TR Surveillance Testing (over seeing third party).

EMP Systems Integration:

Design, engineering, Facility Commissioning and implementation of EMP-hardened systems from power generation to distribution to facility operations and component level protection.