Our Focus

We work with municipalities, government and corporate clients to understand their needs and rapidly implement solutions that exceed the parameters of identified threat scenarios, meet all regular industry benchmarks and stand the test of time.

The scope of our engagements ranges from design and consultancy to fully-integrated Managed Service Solutions or resolving specific threat scenarios at existing facilities, implementing nationwide programs that create extensive jobs, and initiatives that make communities safer through improved resilience.

Our approach is cost-effective and capital efficient, in addition to being vastly superior in terms of resilience.

Our range of clients and applications include:

  • Federal and State authorities that must respond to a severe power outage.
  • National Security requirements (CONUS and OCONUS systems)
  • DoD: military bases for sustainment of primary mission capabilities (power, communications transportation)
  • DHS: National Response Framework and its requirements (NRF) National Incident Management System NIMS, Incident Command System ICS, and the Emergency Operations Centers, EOC requirements
  • Utilities: The commercial sectors and their respective authorities that must respond to severe power outages. (Regional power companies’ generation and substation operations SCADA)
  • First Responders, Transportation, Water, Sewage (Public Private)
  • Financial Sector (Data Centers)
  • Emergency Response: The critical areas that support crisis response and the more rural areas that require power resilience and redundancy (DHS National Strategy)
  • All-Hazard total protection facilities for multi-tenant critical operational equipment storage.
  • Medical: All-Hazard total protection facilities for emergency response enclaves (power, I.T., Comms and transportation resilience and redundancy store EMP protected equipment) (DHS National Strategy)
  • All-Hazard Total Protection Facilities™ to meet the special requirements of all the above for CBRNE especially emergency radiological management and additional medical treatment requirements. (equip storage) Dept Health and Human Services (National Security Plan)
  • Transportation: All-Hazard total protection facilities and solutions for everything from fuel storage and management, to FAA applications and critical communications systems.